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Mission and Vission

Our Mission

  • The College is committed to inspire its students to attain good attitude, confidence and self esteem through love, affection, compassion, power and strength of character.
  • Carve the youngsters to become knowledgeable, creative and respectful individuals of the society.
  • Provide access to education especially to socially and financially backward and linguistic minority and motivate them in pursuing career goals.
  • Create and maintain the educational ambiance of in the campus.
  • Impart knowledge and skills and provide opportunities to enhance employability credentials.
  • • Provide assistance for the constant updation of knowledge and skills.

Our Vision

  • To motivate the students to dedicate themselves to serve humanity.
  • To become nationally and internationally recognised academic institution of eminence and honour through value based quality learning.
  • To develop into a center of excellence for the growth and development of the stakeholders namely students, faculty, staff and society.
  • To be a credible and responsible institution of higher learning to Tamil linguistic minority society.
  • To uphold the constitutional principles and ethos.
  • Appropriate organisational and holistic measures for the welfare and progress of individual, society and the Nation.

The motto

Work, Worship and Wisdom

  • Work: Body - the out come of dutifulness (Karma) - a means to attain selffulment and self actualization.
  • Worship: Mind - the outcome of devotion (Bhakti) - a means to selfless life and contentment leading to self fulfillment.
  • Wisdom: Intellect - the outcome of quest for knowldege(Gyaan/Gyani)- a means to self realisation

Educational implication - all round development of students - drawing out of best in a child - physical, mental and spiritual. The three dimension of human existence - Bhoor, Bhuva, Swaha ( Eirth , Sky and Heaven) or body , mind and intellect. - the concept of poornathwam - inseparable nature of these elements.

That is :

Body - Action - work - Dutifulness - Karma
Mind - Thought - Worship - Devotion - Bhakthi
Intellect - Consciousness - Wisdom - Knowledge - Gyaan

All knowledge that the world has ever received from the mind the infinite library