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Computer Lab

A separate computer lab for catering the needs of our students was established in 2005, the same year in which College started to function. Although the computer lab began with basic minimum requirements, currently the facility is spread in two well-equipped rooms which support the necessities of the present student strength of the College. The main computer lab is situated in the ground floor of the main College building and a mini computer lab room set in the first floor of the same building, both designed and furnished to provide a teaching and learning environment. There is enough number of current-model high-end PC provided with high speed Wi-Fi networking and data storage as well as an extensive collection of software. The main computer lab is being used to organise the ASAP classes also. Under supervision, the computer lab is being used by students of all batches for their curriculum related purposes as well as for learning the basic computer applications.

Assistance is being offered for online learning and for learning higher functions like C- programming. The teachers work with students to help them master technology skills needed in gathering information, analysis and presentation and contribute to enhance their talents and knowledge- skills, helping them to remain updated on emerging trends and technologies.